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Before reading the article on – PROVIRON ® MESTEROLONE -make sure you’re aware of the side effects and legal consequences arising from the use of anabolic steroids (regulated by the anti-doping law December 14, 2000, # 376 and subsequent updates, and the law on discipline of narcotics P.r.decree October 9, 1990, # 309 and subsequent updates)

Proviron ® is the trade name of an oral anabolic steroid , mesterolone (1 methyl-dihydrotestosterone).
Mesterolone (Proviron)This hormone is distinguished by its high androgenic activity that contrasts with a very low tendency to conversion into estrogen.
In the medical field the Proviron ® is commonly used to treat sexual function problems such as those caused by a reduced testosterone production.

This anabolic steroid does not stimulate the body to produce more testosterone but replace it mimicking the activity. Its anabolic effects are reduced in muscular level: mesterolone is rapidly reduced in an inactive metabolite.

The Proviron has a high affinity for SHBG, plasma proteins that act as carriers of steroid hormones into the bloodstream.

Of all the testosterone produced by the human body only a small proportion circulates in the blood in a free form. Within the bloodstream, as well as many other hormones, testosterone is tied largely (c. 98%) to plasma proteins in specific (Sex Hormon Binding Protein) that temporarily inactivate. Based on metabolic demands a small proportion of these bonds can break, leaving free testosterone to migrate into cells and regulate gene transcription.

To bind to these proteins the SHBG-steroid Proviron ® breaks the bond making free these hormones and thereby improving anabolic effects. For this reason is often associated with other anabolic steroids (so as to enhance the overall effect of the stack).

Mesterolone is also used to its inhibitory action on the enzyme aromatase. Thanks to this feature is greatly reduced conversion to estrogen and testosterone derivatives (including many anabolic steroids). The Proviron is then used to prevent water retention, Gynecomastia and increased adipose tissue. To amplify these effects in bulk cycles (when bodybuilders using large quantities of anabolic steroids with aromatizable as dianabol and testosterone), Proviron ® is often associated with Nolvadex ®, a drug that blocks the connection between estrogen receptor and tissue level.

During pregara Mesterolone is used to increase the ratio between androgens and estrogens thus improving muscle definition and reducing water retention and fat mass.


Side effects: If you meet the recommended intake levels on Mesterolone is generally well tolerated. proviron+Some susceptible people may however accuse the typical ailments associated with increased androgen level (acne, alopecia, excessive fluff, considerable increase of aggression and libido). These effects are dose dependent and increases if the Proviron is combined with other anabolic and androgenic.

Under these effects, also common to Nolvadex ®, currently the Arimidex ®-an antiestrogen equally powerful but no Androgenic effects–is considered a viable alternative to traditional antiestrogens.

Despite being an oral anabolic steroid Mesterolone does not fall into the category of 17-alfaalchilati and as such is not toxic to the liver.

The staffing MODE (criminal offence and associated with serious and numerous side effects) as anabolic substance in bodybuilding: Proviron ® is taken in doses of 25-100 mg per day (1-4 tablets). Women use smaller quantities in the order of 25 mg per day for no more than 4-5 weeks to avoid excessive virilization (lowering the pitch of the voice, menstrual irregularities, HIRSUTISM, clitoral hypertrophy).


EFFECTS: 30-40 *




* the hormone is testosterone (100/100)

PROVIRON ® is a herbal drug Mesterolone

THERAPEUTIC GROUP: male sex hormones with anabolic effect

Directions – Mesterolone PROVIRON ®

Buy Proviron

PROVIRON ® is used in the treatment of symptoms associated with androgen deficiency, and intellectual and physical decline of old age.

Mechanism of action – Mesterolone PROVIRON ®

Mesterolone PROVIRON ® content is a synthetic derivative of testosterone, achieved through methylation of dihydrotestosterone, which makes this hormone resistant to taking orally without undergoing inactivation in the liver.
Taken orally is absorbed in the intestine, reaching systemic within 3 hours of taking the maximum concentration, and persisting in circulation for about 8 hours.
Bound to plasma proteins and in particular to Sex Hormone Binding Protein, reaches the various tissues where converted to diidrotesterone carries out its therapeutic action especially important for:

  • the anabolic role, useful to preserve bone and muscle mass while ensuring increased hematopoietic activity;
  • the sexual role, must be to improve erection and sexual potency that desire.

One of the main benefits of using of mesterolone, besides an easy mode of recruitment, is represented by the low estrogenic activity that prevents inhibiting gonadotropin secretion hypophso level, then the next depression even in the most serious cases, accompanied by testicular atrophy.

Studies and clinical efficacy

1. PROVIRON and quality of SEED

Andrology. 1978 Jul-Aug; 10 (4): 299-306.

The effects of mesterolone on the male accessory sex organs, on spermiogram, plasma testosterone and FSH.

Nikkanen V.

Study showing how the use of PROVIRON ® in sub fertile patients can ensure an improvement in the quality of seed in 93% of patients, increasing the likelihood of a pregnancy.


Int J Exp Pathol. 2008 Oct; 89 (5): 358-66.

Adverse effect of the anabolic-androgenic steroid mesterolone on cardiac remodeling and lipoprotein profile is attenuated by aerobicz exercise training.

Fountain K, Oliveira HC, Mandarim-de-Lacerda CA MB, Leonardo, da Cruz-Höfling BUT.

Study on animal models, such as abuse of mesterolone can lead to increased atherogenic lipoproteins, facilitating the development of atherosclerotic disease and cardiac hypertrophy. Physical activity fortunately seems to counteract this effect.


Fertil Steril. 1991 Mar; 55 (3): 603-7.

Placebo-controlled trial of high-dose Mesterolone treatment of idiopathic male infertility.

Gerris J, Comhaire F., Hellemans P, Peeters K, Eichman F.

Work that unwittingly highlights the psychological effects in idiopathic male infertility. In this double-blind, in fact it was possible to record a significant improvement and sperm motility is comparable in the treated group than in the control.

Instructions for use and dosage

Proviron ®
50 mg tablets of mesterolone:
Recalling that the effective dose and duration of treatment varies from patient to patient, and that these should be made by the physician after a thorough Checkup, the therapeutic range expected for PROVIRON ® varies from 50 – 100 mg mesterolone 2-3 different take on daily doses.

Warnings – Mesterolone PROVIRON ®

Despite the presence of mesterolone significantly reduces some risks associated with hormone replacement therapy with androgens, the intake of PROVIRON ® should necessarily be preceded by a medical examination that evaluates the propriety prescriptive and the presence of conditions that increase the risk of side effects.
Therefore taking mesterolone in patients with hypertension, heart disease, family history or stories of neoplastic diseases, kidney and liver diseases, epilepsy, should be carefully supervised by your doctor, the immediate suspension of therapy following the appearance of the first signs.
Use in teenage years age should instead take place with particular attention, given the possible deleterious effects on bone growth and too rapid development of male sexual organs.
Proviron ® contains lactose, so it could be related to the onset of side effects of gastro-intestinal tract in patients with lactose intolerance, enzymatic deficiency of lactase deficiency or glucose-Galactose malabsorption.


Mesterolone is a medication for the treatment of male sex only.
Using this active substance during pregnancy may cause virilization of the fetus with an impairment of future reproductive ability of the unborn child.


Although they are not known at the time direct clinically relevant drug interactions, it is worth mentioning that as in any case of androgens, it would be correct to always consider the increased risk of bleeding, low blood sugar and hypertension, tied a simultaneous intake of anticoagulants, hypoglycemic and corticosteroids.

Contraindications – Mesterolone PROVIRON ®

Taking mesterolone is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or one of its ingredients, breast cancer, estrogen-dependent cancers, cancer and prostatic hypertrophy, history of hepatocarcinoma, hypercalcemia, nephrotic syndrome, pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

The presence of mesterolone in PROVIRON ® helps reduce some of the more dangerous side effects related to treatment with androgen such as testicular atrophy and oligozoosperima, while nothing can towards long-term adverse reactions such as hypercalcemia, water retention and high blood pressure, excessive mental stimulation and nervous.


PROVIRON ® is sold only under prescription.
PROVIRON ® is an anabolic agent, therefore its use, outside of medical prescriptions on the pathological bases is prohibited in competition and out of the race.

Proviron Leaflet

Active principles: Mesterolone

PROVIRON 50 mg tablets

DirectionsWhy do you use Proviron? What is it for?

Pharmacotherapeutic group


Therapeutic indications

Male infertility

Infertility can result from oligospermia or functional failure of Leydig cells . With the Administration of Proviron, the number and quality of nemaspermi and the concentration of fructose in seminal fluid can be improved and standardized. This is reflected in an increase in capacity procreative.

Male Hypogonadism

The Proviron stimulates growth, development and function of androgen-dependent sexual organs. The preparation promotes the development of secondary sexual characteristics when the androgen deficiency appeared in teenage years age. It also eliminated the phenomena related to functional deficiency of the male gonads in postpubere age.

Disorders of virile power

The Proviron is able to eliminate the multitude of manly power related to incretion androgenic. The preparation may be usefully given as adjuvant even when the people in power have a different Genesis.

With advancing age the incretion androgenic progressively decreases. Even modest deficit of androgens has often result in the appearance of easy fatigue, decreased power of concentration, memory disorders, sleep disorders, mood alterations, circulatory disorders. These symptoms are reduced or disappear using Proviron.

Contraindications When should not be used Proviron?

Prostate cancer and breast cancer in humans. Known hypersensitivity towards the androgenic hormones.

Precautions for use What you need to know before taking Proviron?

The use of Proviron is reserved exclusively for male patients.

It would be appropriate, following the usual rules of preventive medicine, carry out regular rectal prostate.

It should be noted carefully that the treatment in the elderly do not result in undesirable nerve stimulation, mental or physical.

Interactions What other drugs or foods can change the effect of Proviron?

Not reported.

WarningsIt is important to know that:

For those who perform sports activity: the use of the drug without therapeutic need constitutes doping and can determine anyway positive findings for doping tests.

If you have symptoms of excessive sexual stimulation is necessary to discontinue treatment.

Administer with caution in debilitatedsubjects, in patients with kidney failure and seizures since androgens may aggravate the State of water retention.

Dosage and directions for use How to use Proviron: Dosage

For higher dosages, the daily dose should be divided into 2 or 3 doses.

Intermediate doses (25 and 75 mg) can be obtained by halving the tablet along the notch.

At the beginning of therapy 50-75 mg Proviron/day; then it comes down to a dosage of 25-50 mg Proviron/day.

To maintain the therapeutic results obtained in many cases are sufficient Proviron 25 mg daily.

Depending on the type and intensity of disease or ailments is advisable administering 4-6 weeks in duration or Proviron prolonged treatment and continued for several months. If necessary, such treatment cycles can be repeated several times.

Hypogonadism is indispensable for continuous treatment: for the development of secondary sexual characteristics are required 75-100 mg Proviron/day for several months; for maintenance therapy are enough normally 50 mg Proviron/day.

In 50-75 is recommended dosage of oligospermia mg Proviron/day for the duration of a spermiogenetico cycle (about 90 days). In patients with reduced gonadotropinuria it is advisable, at the beginning of therapy, additional treatment with gonadotropins. It may be sometimes necessary to repeat the treatment with Proviron after a break of several weeks.

OverdoseWhat to do if you have taken an overdose of Proviron

Side EffectsWhat are the side effects of Proviron?

In case of prolonged treatment may occur excessive sexual stimulation, nervous and psychic. Rarely with the use of androgens may experience hypercalcemia, fluid retention and hypersensitivity reactions.

The eventual emergence during treatment of any side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, shall be communicated promptly to the physician or pharmacist.

Expiry and conservation

Warning: do not use the medicine after the expiration date printed on the package.

Do not store above 25° c.

Composition and dosage form


1 Tablet contains 50 mg Proviron mesterolone (5 α α 1-methyl-17ß-hydroxy androstan-3-one).

Excipients: lactose, maize starch, colloidal silica , povidone 25000, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, magnesium stearate.

Pharmaceutical form and packaging

Box with 2 blisters of 10 tablets of 50 mg.

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